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December 30th 2016

RaiNews24 talks about us

The sale of cheap buildings as solution for fighting depopulation has aroused the interest of RaiNews24 TV channel. Their reportage was aired during yesterday's television schedule and is available on the Rai TV web archive.

February 16th 2016

TV2000 channel tells San Basile in the live show "Siamo noi"

Major Vincenzo Tamburi will tell all the initiatices on the preservation of the traditions, arbereshe culture and the promotion of our linguistic minority at the live show "Siamo noi" on TV2000 channel.

February 6th 2016

Middle town is transformed into a cozy living room

In a few days there will be the inauguration of the new Lab Center, located in the center town, which will house a multipurpose multimedia gallery room as a result of the redevelopment project brought forward with an eye toward architecture and design.


For any information, request or immediate contact, please turn to the following delivers:

Municipality of San Basile - Ufficio promozione turistica
Fax 0981 35443
E-mail address: info@unacasaasanbasile.it


WARNING: this site is under update (adding information about buildings' consistency, internal pictures, requested price, house localization in the town). Because of the many demands (by e-mail and by phone), please wait few days before we can upload all the data and ask all the questions received. Thank you.